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Update: Andrew Bogut to play in Croatia

Congratulations to the Croatian media, you had your 15 minutes of fun! Shortly after news broke about Bogut going to Cibona if there is a lockout he wrote the following on twitter:

At least we know that Europe isn’t out of the question for Bogut if there is a lockout, lets hope he can get that elbow right for whenever that next season is going to be.


Andrew Bogut to play in Croatia

More rumors are arising about NBA players going to play in Europe if a lockout comes into effect. Reported by the Croatian website the general manager of Croatian basketball club Cibona announced that Andrew Bogut will play for them if there is a lockout. The report states that Bogut will essentially play for free, only asking the club to pay for his insurance. It also mentioned that he will not be the only NBA player to make the move to Cibona, saying that they expect one or two players to add to their roster.


Obviously once the lockout is lifted Bogut and his fellow players will be able to return to the NBA and resume the season with their respective clubs. raised solid arguments defending player’s decisions to come to Europe during the lockout, players will be playing at a high level and a competitive league, they will be staying in shape while waiting for the lockout to be lifted and citing the previous lockout where Vlade Divac went to play for his former club Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) in Serbia for two games before returning to the NBA. will dedicate a page to NBA players wanting to play in Europe during the lockout. Follow on twitter or subscribe to see who else will be making travel plans for next season.