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The Heat and Championships

“Not 1, not 2, not 3, not…” You get the picture, these were the words spoken by LeBron James about how many championships the Heat would win at Miami’s celebration of their new superstar and Chris Bosh. Since then the Heat have had their ups and downs, there has been a lot of questions about how long it will take them to get going and start playing as a unit.

There is no “I” in “team,” it is evident that one single star player cannot win a championship, see 2007 NBA Finals Cleveland Cavaliers and 2001 NBA Finals Philadelphia 76ers as prime examples. However there are two “I’s” in “championship” and Miami have used this equation to make what could possibly be a championship team. This formula is starting to become the latest craze in the NBA, in the next two years we will be seeing more superstars teaming up with a monster free agent class coming up in 2012. Therefore the statement made by LeBron above could become very difficult to achieve if my math is correct.

However with their recent playoff run the Heat have gotten the hang of the two superstar and Chris Bosh system. Taking care of the 76ers in five games and now punishing the veteran Celtics, who I had picked to win in six games. They say it isn’t a series until one team wins on the road but I don’t think home court will assist the Celtics against this Heat team. Nevertheless Miami has established itself as one of the hot teams in the playoffs (no pun intended) with the Dallas Mavericks in that same conversation.

Based on what I have seen thus far the Heat look like a very promising prospect for the title this year if their two superstars can stay productive and Bosh to play like a big.

Just to address the fact that this post isn’t to hate on Bosh if you have noticed, he is a key piece in Miami’s team however I don’t rate him as a superstar. I will dedicate a post to him some time in the future. In the present I am picking the Heat and the “tough” Mavs as favorites to make the finals, yes a repeat of the 2006 Finals, minus Shaq and pretty much everyone else.

Although I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong.

Until next time..


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Prediction: Spurs and Celtics

The two teams in the NBA Finals will be… The San Antonio Spurs and the Boston Celtics!

Why you might ask?

Well because these are two teams that just get it done. There’s nothing too flashy or spectacular about either team. Yes they have an average age of about 30, but in the playoffs having experience, in my opinion, is far greater than young legs. Speaking of young legs has anyone seen Paul Pierce looking like he is in his early 20’s!

However the road for both teams is going to be tough. More so for the Spurs than the Celtics, more than likely San Antonio will be coming up against a young, exciting and explosive Thunder side who has improved much since last year’s first round exit to the Lakers. The new addition of Perkins gives them a solid presence inside, the rising star of Russell Westbrook and not to forget Kevin Durant will be hard to stop. But in the Spurs season series they beat OKC all three times, so there would be no reason why they couldn’t do it four times in round 2. Their lineup is back to normal with Ginobili returning, he might not be 100% but he seemed to be his old crafty self scoring 17 points in Game 2 against Memphis.

After OKC the Mavs or Lakers would be next. I’m still skeptical about Dallas, I don’t think Dirk is the type of player that can lead that team where they need to go. Throughout the whole season the Lakers have had lapses where they seemed disinterested and were just going through the motions. I find it hard to believe that they can just flick that switch and get into playoff mode, probably why they lost Game 1 against the Hornets.

Boston on the other hand has it easier, their defense is by far one of the best in the league and the teams that they will be coming up against rely on their stars individual ability like Chicago and in round 2, Miami. The only team I think, that have a chance of bringing the Celtics down is Orlando. They were able to do it two years ago with a much similar team. This time around Jameer isn’t injured, they have Turkoglu back and they don’t have that waste of a player, Rashad Lewis anymore.

With these two teams in the finals, who will be walking away with the championship? I say Boston in seven games.

But we will discuss that once we get closer to the destination.

Until next time..