NBA Lockout will benefit Euro Basketball

A lockout is looming for the NBA and a resolve for a new collective bargaining agreement doesn’t look like its close. This morning a formal proposal was made by the owners, however the new offer of ten years was only slightly different from the existing one they made. Union president, Derek Fisher said, “Unfortunately, the proposal is very similar to the proposal the league submitted over a year ago. This last proposal doesn’t look close to what we were expecting.”

It would be a real shame for a lockout to occur, the playoffs are receiving ratings that are at an all time high and the uncertainty of superstars’ playing future at their respective teams is also something to look forward to, hint: Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. But if a lockout does happen, what will the players do?

One option is to stick around and hope that labor negotiations will end or another option would be to take their talents overseas, Europe to be exact. As it is the place with the highest paying leagues outside the NBA and the United States, Deron Williams has come out to say that this is an option for him if there is a lockout. “I’m already looking into playing overseas,” said Williams. “I haven’t looked anywhere in general; I’m just looking into the possibility of playing over there. But I’m not going to make a decision until after the CBA.”

If a player of Williams’ standard is already thinking about going elsewhere to play then it must be on the minds of many others. The billionaire owners of those European clubs will be praying for a lockout so they can have the possibility of landing a star like D-Will.

In all likelihood players from the NBA will end up in the Spain, Greece, Italy or Russia because the clubs in those countries have the resources to offer multimillion dollar contracts. However it is all pending on the current labor negotiations.

Who knows we could see Ricky Rubio playing alongside NBA talent very soon and it won’t be in the NBA.

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  1. There is not doubt going to be games missed. I feel. i just hope its like last times 40 games or less missed, i could handle that (not really) but way maore than a whole season being missed. nice post!

  2. The stupid thing about the lockout is that its following one of the best seasons in basketball that I’ve seen in a while. Ratings are up in the regular season and the post season and we’re heading into a lockout. How sad is that?

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