NBA Playoffs: The Quiet Before the Storm

The first round is all over and on this Saturday we wait for a very much anticipated second round. With all the match-ups on hand it is hard to pick an out right front runner, every series could potentially go either way.

Upsets have been a common trend in these playoffs, the Hawks and Grizzlies weren’t the obvious picks to move into the next round and it wasn’t just these two teams that exploited the flaws within the top seeds. New Orleans showed everyone that the Lakers lack a bit of toughness with their bigs and the Bulls had a lot of trouble shaking off the Pacers.

So here are some loose predictions I have for the second round:

Eastern Conference

Bulls defeat Hawks in 5

Heat defeated by Celtics in 6

Western Conference

Lakers defeated by Mavericks in 7

Thunder defeat Grizzlies in 6

The way things are looking the second round should be even bigger than the first, I’m excited to see some more upsets!

Until next time..



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  1. ‎​2011 Eastern Conference Preview- 2nd Round.

  2. Bobby Charts

    all should be great. Mavs over Lakers? who knows this year, maybe. i like Thunder and Celtics to win.The Bulls are really the only one to have somewhat free pass to Confernece Finals.

    could you imagine if Grizzlies make it to West Finals? get ride of Lakers and Celtics in a couple years or one and these other teams are going to be future teams at the top.

  3. Bobby Charts

    Nice pick so far with Mavs winning D.B.!!

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