Heat looking good so far..


With the playoffs still young, of all round 1 teams the Miami Heat look like the only ones in the driver’s seat. Yes they have done what they are supposed to do, hold home court, but they are the only team to get a win in convincing fashion. Apart from the upsets that the Lakers, Spurs and Magic suffered in their first games, no other top seed has been able to get a win by more than 8 points. However for most of these teams their playoffs are only one game old, we’ll see how they adjust.

Even though the Heat will most likely run away with this series, it is hard to say how consistent they will play in the next couple of games and even in the next rounds. Consistency will depend on how fast Wade can recover from his condition and the ability of LeBron and Wade to make a compromise in who will have the ball late in games.

By now we have realized that the Heat are capable of winning without Wade being 100%, its always handy having a superstar or two to lean on when one isn’t playing at his full potential. When he does get healthy you would think this will be very advantageous, however as we have seen throughout the season that the Big 3 have not been hugely successful combination against good opposition. This may be because they haven’t found the correct formula late in games and having one guy try to take on most of the scoring late in the fourth quarter is like having only one superstar not three.

As long as LeBron, Wade and Bosh find a way to utilize one another and everyone else around them they will be competitive in any game. We will see how they travel in the rest of this series and later in the playoffs.

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